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Sample vocabulary in Arthüng

These are some sample Arthüng vocabulary words, with their English translation.
Word Meaning
ayar book
ürthüge tool
zang patient
wüngi president
alchè pig
ürth cake
ajülch baby
ürsaz priest
üx friend
vàyas cheese
Word Meaning
üng fish
arthà author
äng banana
àng window
oing daughter
ïng dress
ürx coat
àz lemon
arx mother
ürv letter

Famous places in Arthüng

These are some fictional places, and what people speaking Arthüng might call them.
Name Meaning
Ülthülth "Great River" from ülth ("great") and ülthüng ("river")
Àlthün "Old Island" from àlthür ("old") and ün ("island")
Àltharth "Old Plains" from àlthür ("old") and sarth ("plains")
Ürthün "Serene Island" from ürth ("serene") and ün ("island")
Oingèrthülv "Blue Mountain" from oingèrth ("blue") and achülv ("mountain")
Àsün "Small Island" from àsà ("small") and ün ("island")
Èrthath "Blue Woods" from oingèrth ("blue") and ath ("woods")
Àsàsarth "Small Plains" from àsà ("small") and sarth ("plains")
Ülthülthüng "Red River" from üngülth ("red") and ülthüng ("river")
Ürthülv "Serene Mountain" from ürth ("serene") and achülv ("mountain")
Üngültharth "Red Plains" from üngülth ("red") and sarth ("plains")
Àmmülthüng "Black River" from àm ("black") and ülthüng ("river")
Àlthürrülthüng "Old River" from àlthür ("old") and ülthüng ("river")

Glyphs and phonemes in Arthüng

These are how sounds in Arthüng are written and pronounced.
ch "ch"
f "f"
h "h"
j "j"
l "l"
m "m"
n "n"
ng "ng" as in "thing"
r "r"
s "s"
th "th" as in "thin"
th "th" as in "that"
v "v"
w "w"
x "sh"
x "z" as in "azure"
y "y" as in "yes"
z "z"
a "aw" as in "saw"
a "a" as in "gate"
i "i" as in "hide"
oi "oi" as in "toil"
u "u" as in "up"
à "a" as in "bad"
ä "a" as in "ah"
è "e" as in "beg"
ë "e" as in "see"
ï "i" as in "sit"
ö "o" as in "toe"
ù "u" as in "blue"
ü "u" as in "put"
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