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Sample vocabulary in Papé

These are some sample Papé vocabulary words, with their English translation.
Word Meaning
éch lawyer
rhepa key
mache apple
tavchash lemon
lipa book
ave cow
page artist
pachi cake
ém shoes
ajla woman
Word Meaning
nap president
éve sister
pepa shirt
uge mother
ach author
rhash army
ich house
larruch dress
nannu baby
chach fish

Famous places in Papé

These are some fictional places, and what people speaking Papé might call them.
Name Meaning
Pavave "Black Woods" from pave ("black") and ave ("woods")
Éjichca "Red Mountain" from ége ("red") and rhichca ("mountain")
Chajpach "Old River" from chajé ("old") and pach ("river")
Achichca "Great Mountain" from evach ("great") and rhichca ("mountain")
Evachlave "Great Island" from evach ("great") and lave ("island")
Napul "Blue Plains" from nap ("blue") and pul ("plains")
Léchachave "Small Woods" from léchach ("small") and ave ("woods")
Chajrich "Old Mountain" from chajé ("old") and rhichca ("mountain")
Chachul "Small Plains" from léchach ("small") and pul ("plains")
Pavlave "Black Island" from pave ("black") and lave ("island")
Éjlave "Red Island" from ége ("red") and lave ("island")
Pavrichca "Black Mountain" from pave ("black") and rhichca ("mountain")
Éjpach "Red River" from ége ("red") and pach ("river")

Glyphs and phonemes in Papé

These are how sounds in Papé are written and pronounced.
b "b"
c "k"
ch "ch"
d "d"
f "f"
g "g"
h "h"
j "j"
l "l"
m "m"
n "n"
p "p"
r "r"
s "s"
sh "sh"
sh "z" as in "azure"
t "t"
v "v"
w "w"
y "y" as in "yes"
a "a" as in "ah"
a "a" as in "gate"
e "e" as in "see"
i "i" as in "hide"
u "u" as in "put"
u "u" as in "blue"
á "a" as in "bad"
é "e" as in "beg"
ï "i" as in "sit"
ü "u" as in "up"
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