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Sample vocabulary in Ashad

These are some sample Ashad vocabulary words, with their English translation.
Word Meaning
ap chicken
ûll baby
úll chair
jêng city
all daughter
ôdlô president
oung oil
az bed
ash note
ad bag
Word Meaning
ar son
êga father
jaz police
ôr dress
ôll student
aka woman
ûjap lemon
ang banana
joishzaf man
zoub shoes

Famous places in Ashad

These are some fictional places, and what people speaking Ashad might call them.
Name Meaning
Abrajoung "Small Woods" from abra ("small") and oungoi ("woods")
Ashaf "Old Plains" from ashôf ("old") and af ("plains")
Angoung "Red Woods" from ang ("red") and oungoi ("woods")
Angaf "Red Plains" from ang ("red") and af ("plains")
Ajagall "Serene Harbor" from ajag ("serene") and all ("harbor")
Jagoungoi "Serene Woods" from ajag ("serene") and oungoi ("woods")
Ûzall "Blue Harbor" from ûz ("blue") and all ("harbor")
Adang "Great River" from ad ("great") and angall ("river")
Ûzoung "Blue Woods" from ûz ("blue") and oungoi ("woods")
Ûzang "Blue River" from ûz ("blue") and angall ("river")
Jáfoungoi "Black Woods" from ajáf ("black") and oungoi ("woods")
Adaf "Great Plains" from ad ("great") and af ("plains")
Abrajang "Small Island" from abra ("small") and ang ("island")

Glyphs and phonemes in Ashad

These are how sounds in Ashad are written and pronounced.
b "b"
d "d"
f "f"
g "g"
h "h"
j "j"
k "k"
l "l"
m "m"
n "n"
ng "ng" as in "thing"
p "p"
r "r"
s "s"
sh "sh"
sh "z" as in "azure"
t "t"
th "th" as in "thin"
th "th" as in "that"
w "w"
y "y" as in "yes"
z "z"
a "a" as in "ah"
a "aw" as in "saw"
oi "oi" as in "toil"
ou "ou" as in "out"
u "u" as in "blue"
à "a" as in "bad"
á "a" as in "gate"
é "e" as in "see"
ê "e" as in "beg"
î "i" as in "sit"
ô "o" as in "toe"
ú "u" as in "put"
û "u" as in "up"
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