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Sample vocabulary in Reroi

These are some sample Reroi vocabulary words, with their English translation.
Word Meaning
shraci human
rhayou soup
artu door
cera house
fab mother
chachler lemon
chur cake
tadlon hat
chebi queen
yar tool
Word Meaning
snare letter
strep child
glur note
vonnez priest
reb soldier
vore doctor
noursle patient
slob bed
yall friend
vab dream

Famous places in Reroi

These are some fictional places, and what people speaking Reroi might call them.
Name Meaning
Revamto "Old Harbor" from reve ("old") and yamto ("harbor")
Taznora "Small Woods" from chactaz ("small") and nora ("woods")
Niyoznora "Blue Woods" from niyoz ("blue") and nora ("woods")
Niyozyam "Blue Harbor" from niyoz ("blue") and yamto ("harbor")
Tubnora "Serene Woods" from tub ("serene") and nora ("woods")
Varrez "Red River" from var ("red") and mez ("river")
Tazvoir "Small Plains" from chactaz ("small") and evoir ("plains")
Tubyamto "Serene Harbor" from tub ("serene") and yamto ("harbor")
Varrevoir "Red Plains" from var ("red") and evoir ("plains")
Tubevoir "Serene Plains" from tub ("serene") and evoir ("plains")
Abez "Great River" from ab ("great") and mez ("river")
Razaz "Black Island" from driraz ("black") and az ("island")
Revaz "Old Island" from reve ("old") and az ("island")

Glyphs and phonemes in Reroi

These are how sounds in Reroi are written and pronounced.
b "b"
c "k"
ch "ch"
ch "ch" as in "loch"
d "d"
f "f"
g "g"
h "h"
j "j"
ll "l"
m "m"
n "n"
ng "ng" as in "thing"
p "p"
r "r"
r rolled "r"
s "s"
sh "sh"
sh "z" as in "azure"
t "t"
v "v"
w "w"
y "y" as in "yes"
z "z"
a "a" as in "bad"
a "a" as in "ah"
a "aw" as in "saw"
a "a" as in "gate"
e "e" as in "see"
e "e" as in "beg"
i "i" as in "hide"
i "i" as in "sit"
o "o" as in "toe"
oi "oi" as in "toil"
ou "ou" as in "out"
u "u" as in "up"
u "u" as in "put"
u "u" as in "blue"
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