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Sample vocabulary in Avoirj

These are some sample Avoirj vocabulary words, with their English translation.
Word Meaning
usoirl pants
ìve coat
uráf student
silkrìve window
usoisk cheese
uve mother
ivhaf reporter
url artist
aví teacher
uchu cake
Word Meaning
jávù father
its horse
sífi human
ùrt orange
ufurl door
uve soup
afash girl
chìjirj mouse
oichùge soldier
chivursh banana

Famous places in Avoirj

These are some fictional places, and what people speaking Avoirj might call them.
Name Meaning
Chùfùfi "Red Harbor" from chùf ("red") and ùfi ("harbor")
Inoin "Small Plains" from in ("small") and stroin ("plains")
Uvíts "Serene Woods" from uve ("serene") and chíts ("woods")
Soichùfi "Great Harbor" from soich ("great") and ùfi ("harbor")
Uvoin "Serene Plains" from uve ("serene") and stroin ("plains")
Óboin "Black Plains" from óbchi ("black") and stroin ("plains")
Soichun "Great Mountain" from soich ("great") and un ("mountain")
Uvun "Serene Mountain" from uve ("serene") and un ("mountain")
Chakloichits "Old Island" from chakloi ("old") and its ("island")
Kloihùf "Old Harbor" from chakloi ("old") and ùfi ("harbor")
Uvchuf "Serene River" from uve ("serene") and chuf ("river")
Inits "Small Island" from in ("small") and its ("island")
Soichits "Great Island" from soich ("great") and its ("island")

Glyphs and phonemes in Avoirj

These are how sounds in Avoirj are written and pronounced.
b "b"
ch "ch"
d "d"
f "f"
g "g"
h "h"
j "j"
k "k"
l "l"
m "m"
n "n"
ng "ng" as in "thing"
p "p"
r "r"
s "s"
sh "sh"
sh "z" as in "azure"
t "t"
v "v"
w "w"
y "y" as in "yes"
a "a" as in "gate"
a "a" as in "bad"
a "aw" as in "saw"
i "i" as in "hide"
oi "oi" as in "toil"
u "u" as in "put"
u "u" as in "blue"
á "a" as in "ah"
ì "e" as in "see"
í "i" as in "sit"
ó "o" as in "toe"
ù "u" as in "up"
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